Worum geht es bei FLAX?

Wir sind ein Kollektiv, das sich für kulturelle Teilhabe in Deutschland, Großbritannien und Frankreich einsetzt. Kulturelle Teilhabe ist ein universelles Menschrecht und befindet sich in Artikel 27 der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte. Wir Informieren und vernetzen, die Menschen, die schon da sind, über und mit den Menschen, die gerade angekommen sind und mit allen anderen denen kulturelle Neugier inne wohnt. Denn um teilhaben zu können, muss man wissen, wo die geeigneten Räume dafür sind. Solche mit niedrigen Schwellen und vielen Sprachen. Durch unsere Publikationen wollen wir den Zugang zu kultureller Teilhabe besonders in drei Communities: Berlin, London und Paris erleichtern. Dabei haben wir immer ein Auge auf den Nahen- und Mittleren Osten, den das Redaktionsteam ist hier besonders eng verbunden.

What is FLAX about?

We are a collective that engages in cultural participation in Germany and the UK. Cultural Participation is a universal and basic human right and is expressed in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We inform and connect people who reside in the above countries, no matter for how long they have live there. We work with people, not about people. All of us is inherent to act in a cultural curious way. But to able to participate, you need where when and how. Which is the right space for me? Spaces with the right language and low boundaries? With our publication we are addressing mainly the 3 big cities: Berlin, London and Paris. A small focus we also have on the Middle East as the three cultural hubs are residence for many cultural workers from the middle east?

What is FLAX about? (Tanja´s Correction)

We are a collective that advocates for a greater cultural participation in the general public and who shifts its attention to three major countries within Europe and it´s new neighbor; Germany, France and the UK. Cultural participation is a universal human right, included in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We aim to inform and connect those who are already engaged in the arts and culture sector well as newbies and newcomers and anyone else with a cultural curiosity. We recognise that in order to participate, one has to know where to go, what to read or even how and where to search for it. To reduce barriers and to provide content in an accessible language, FLAXzine is the place to get informed, researched each month by a shifting Editorial Team. With FLAXzine, we want to provide access to culture, especially in Berlin, London and Paris, with an eye on communities and artists from the? near and middle east, as our editorial team is particularly closely connected to this area.